Major  Edmond  Richmond





From the Brownsville Journal

Published in the Memphis Daily Appeal, November 14, 1854, page 2 column 5:


Departed this life in the town of Bolivar, on the morning of the 7th inst., Maj. EDMUND RICHMOND, of Haywood County aged about 66 years.

He had been for some weeks past, indisposed at home, and was traveling in company with his lady, attended by his physician, Dr. Haywood, under the hope that it would improve his health, but shortly after his arrival in Bolivar on Saturday evening he became worse, and so continued until he died, in despite of all the skill and attention that could be bestowed upon him by physicians and friends.

In the death of Major Richmond it is no exaggerated remark to say that society has lost one of its brightest ornaments and one of its most useful members. The writer of this hasty obituary has known him intimately for nearly thirty years. A more sincere friend, nor kind and humane man, no one more honorable and upright and all the relations of life he has never known, whether as a lawyer, a father or a citizen. He was hospitable to strangers and acquaintances, obliging to his neighbors, and kind to his slaves, affable in his manners and punctual in all his dealings. The loss of such a man from our midst will necessarily produce a vacuum which it will be difficult to supply.

Maj. Richmond was a native of New York. By profession a lawyer, and a number of years practiced successfully in the courts of Haywood and some of the surrounding Counties, but for some years past had retired from the Bar. He was a man of great originality, abounding with wit and humor as well as argumentative powers rarely equaled. He leaves an amiable lady, and lovely daughter, the wife of M. I. S. W. Caldwell, with many friends to deplore his loss. It is consoling to know that he died the death of a Christian, a pious member of the M. E. Church.

After funeral services at the M. E. Church, by the Rev. Robert Taylor, his remains were deposited in the Polk Cemetery*.

* The Polk Cemetery is located at Bolivar, Tennessee. This is the family  cemetery of
James Knox Polk, 11th President of the United States.

Edmund Richmond was the husband of Lydia Polk Caldwell Richmond. She was the sister of
James K. Polk, 11th President of the United States and a former Governor of The State of Tennessee.




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