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Frank Talbot Bragg was born July 7, 1915, and married Mary Elizabeth Wright, born November 21, 1927. He graduated from Haywood County High School and later attended the University of Tennessee. He was living in Dancyville in March 1937, when first employed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Memphis, Tennessee District.

Frank served as a paratrooper in the 101st Airborne Division in World War II, European Theater, until honorably discharged in October 1945. He worked as a construction engineer in Jamaica, Guatemala, Venezuela, Alaska and the island of Kwajalein in the South Pacific. He retired in December 1974, as a construction superintendent with the Corps of Engineers, Memphis District.

There were three children born to Frank Talbot and Mary Elizabeth Wright Bragg:

1. Anita Louise Bragg (born April 10, 1957) graduated from Ouchita Baptist University, Arkadelphia. Arkadelphis, Arkansas. Anita married Steven L. Colbert and they are both teachers in Beebe, Arkansas. Steve and Anita's children are: Holley Elizabeth Colbert (named for her grandmother's madien name), age 14; Leslie, age 7. The family lives in Beebe, Arkansas.

2. Allen Frank Bragg (born June 29, 1964) and graduated from Memphis State University. Allen married  Margaret Griffin. Allen and Margaret's children are; Emily, age 11; Daniel Frank, age 10. The family lives across the street from Allen's parents in Collierville, Tennessee.

3. Thomas Edward Bragg (born June 29, 1964) and graduated from Memphis State University. Tommy married Jennifer Jean Patterson. Tommy and Jennifer's children are: Sam, age 7; Ellie, age 5. The family lives in  Greencastle, Penn.

Frank and Mary Bragg live in Memphis. See Kerr-Sharp and Bragg-Kerr for the Kerr Family.

by Frank Talbot Bragg - 1989

Used by permission of Frank T. Bragg
November 2000
Updated and dates of grandchildren's ages, by  Mr. Frank Bragg ~ October 16, 2001





Edwin Kerr Bragg was born September 3, 1910 and died March 22, 1975. He was the son of Edward Valentine Bragg and Lulu Kerr Bragg. Edwin was living in Dancyville , Tennessee when he joined the U.S. Army around 1932.

Edwin married Anna Kirby and one child was born to this union, Anna Kirby Bragg. Ann graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She married George C. Douglas, Jr., an attorney, and they live in Birmingham with their two children Jennifer and Michael.

Edwin retired from the U.S. Air Force in 1960 and began work with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile District, in a civilian capacity. He retired from the Corps in 1974 and died in Mobile, Alabama in 1975. He is buried in the Dancyville Methodist Cemetery at Dancyville, Tennessee. See Bragg-Kerr for tie to the Kerr family.

by Frank T. Bragg, Edwin’s brother - 1989

Used by permission of Mr. Frank T. Bragg
November 2000



Lula Kerr was b. April 7, 1877, d. December 15, 1948. She married Edward Valentine Bragg, b. October 28, 1855, d. March 22, 1922.

Lula Kerr, daughter of William Fletcher Kerr and Pheobe Pricilla Sharp Kerr, was born in the Asbury community near Stanton, Tennessee. After her marriage to Edward Valentine Bragg they lived and farmed in Shelby County near Arlington and Eads, Tennessee. There were two children born to this union:

1. Edwin Kerr Bragg, b. September 30, 1910, d. March 22, 1975. See Bragg-Kirby.

2. Frank Talbot Bragg, b. July 7, 1915. See Bragg-Wright.

After the death of her husband, Lula Kerr Bragg returned to Haywood County in the Stanton-Dancyville area.  At the time of her death she was living in Stanton. She is buried in the Dancyville Methodist Cemetery in Dancyville. Edward Valentine Bragg is buried in the Chambers Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery in Shelby County, Tennessee. See Kerr-Sharp for tie to Kerr family.

by Frank T. Bragg, Edwin’s brother - 1989

Used by permission of Mr. Frank T. Bragg
November 2000



William Fletcher Kerr, b. December 10, 1837, d. August 23, 1903. He married Pheobe Pricilla Sharp, b. January 3, 1850, d. December 5, 1936.

William Fletcher was the son of Francis Bradley and Ann Reid Neal Kerr. He was a Confederate veteran of the Civil War.

Pheobe Pricilla Sharp was the daughter of Dr. Cyrus and Mary Baxter Sharp, and the great granddaughter of  Lt. John and and Martha Young Sharp. Mary of Lt. John Sharp's descendants have joined the D.A.R. on his proven service in the Revolutionary War.

William Fletcher and Pheobe Pricilla Sharp Kerr had the following children:

1. Nannie Kerr m. Frank McGowey
2. Perry Neal Kerr m. Irene Waite
3. Jack Kerr
4. Kate Kerr m. Thomas Eugene Archbell
5. Lula Kerr m. Edward Valentine Bragg
6. Edwin P. Kerr m. Matelene Duke
7. Susie Lee Kerr m. Fred Tuggle Sweet
8. Emmorette m. Sumner Mudd
9. Virginia Kerr
10. Francis Bradley m. A. Ware Bosworth

William Fletcher and Pheobe Kerr were landowners and farmers in the Asbury community between Stanton and Dancyville, Tennessee. They are both buried in the Dancyville Methodist Cemetery.
See Kerr-Neal for tie to Kerr family.

by Frank T. Bragg, - grandson - 1989

Used by permission of Mr. Frank T. Bragg
November 2000



Francis Bradley Kerr, b. February 27, 1801, d. December 1, 1885. He married Ann Reid Neal, b. January 12, 1806, d. July 20, 1873. He was the son of Henry and Mary Price Kerr, who had moved from York County in South Carolina to Elkton in Giles County, Tennessee in 1815. Around 1825 Francis Bradley Kerr and his wife moved to the Dancyville, Tennessee community. The children from this union were:

1. James Henry Kerr, b. December 3, 1828, d. December 22, 1904. He married Ann Wainwright
2. Louisa Jane Kerr, b. November 5, 1834, d. July 24, 1887. She married John Henry Dancy
3. Frances Kerr, b. 1838, d. 1918. He married Trelius Welch.
4. William Fletcher Kerr, b. December 10, 1837, d. August 23, 1903. He married Pheobe Priscilla Sharp
5. Emmorette Kerr, b. September 28, 1841, d. April 23, 1912.
6. Arthur Davis Kerr, b. 1844, d. 1922. He married Jesse Marion Burford.
7. Francis Price Kerr - He married Frances Walker
8. Susan Carolyn Kerr - She married 1. Mr. Moore 2. James Coppedge
9. Mary Kerr - She married Henry Perry.

Francis Bradley was a farmer and nuseryman in the Dancyville community and is buried beside his wife, Ann Reid Neal Kerr, in the Dancyville Methodist Cemetery.

by Frank T. Bragg - great-great-grandson - 1989

Used by permission of Mr. Frank T. Bragg
November 2000


Mr. Bragg has given permission for us to use several of his family profiles. He has also very generously provided his research of the KERR family. In addition he provided the survey charts for the Dancyville United Methodist Church Cemetery. Along with the cemetery records provided by Miss Dorothy Moore, a cemetery read was possible, to update the cemetery burial plots. We greatly appreciate all Mr. Bragg has contributed to this site and our family records. mkds-jkd




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