Dr. Samuel Alexander Mims lived in Dancyville and Walnut Ridge, near Dancyville, from early 1849 to late 1853. In Dancyville he lived very near the Methodist Church (close enough to hear the singing and preaching).

Dr. Mims was born February 18th, 1818, in Bladen County, North Carolina, the son of Samuel Alexander Mims and Nancy Ann Sessions Mims. He had two brothers: James Sessions Mims and Thomas J. Mims and two sisters: Columbia Mims and Catherine Mims.

The family moved to Fayetteville, North Carolina in 1824. Doctor Mims finished his medical degree at the Medical College of Charleston, South Carolina in 1847. Dr. Mims brother, James S.  was a professor at Furman Institute,   now Furman University, Greenville, South Carolina.

Dr. Samuel and his brother James  married twin sisters from Society Hill, South Carolina: Sam married Harriett McIver and James married Sara McIver.

Dr. Samuel and Harriett McIver Mims had three children:
-James Mims, b. 1848, died young, place unknown

-Samuel Evander Roderic Mims, b. December 27, 1850, in Dancyville. What happened to Roddy is unknown. He remained in Louisiana after the Doctor's death and his step mother returned to South Carolina. 

-Nancy 'Nannie' Elizabeth Mims, b. August 24, 1853, in Dancyville, d. January 13, 1903, Nancy married Newton Darius Gandy, b. 1853 d. Mar 12, 1932, Nancy and Newton's children were:
Harriet McIver Gandy, married William B. Wall
Frances Olive Gandy, married Dr. James McCall Earle, they lived in Darlington, South Carolina

Harriett McIver Mims became ill while living in Dancyville and wanted to be near her kin at the time of death. Doctor Mims took her to Greenville, South Carolina where she died in 1857.

Dr. Mims married Frances Ann Blackburn, in Greenville, South Carolina, date unknown. Samuel and Frances' Children were:

-Francis Olivia Mimms▓
-Mary Columbia Mimms, born in Greenville, South Carolina
-Catherine Mimms
-Samuel Alexander Mimms, b. January 5, 1864 (five days after Dr. Mims death)╣

Samuel Alexander Mimms married Margaret Eleanor Ligon on January 1, 1890. She was the daughter of Col. Robert Burns Ligon and Margaret Adeline Carter Ligon. Margaret was b. December 7, 1872, d. June 19, 1934.
Sam and Eleanor had eleven children:

-Margaret Ann Mimms, b. Oct. 9, 1890, d. Nov. 30, 1930 - married J. Thomas Slater, 6 children
-Nancy Elizabeth Mimms, b. July 25, 1892 - married John Milton Brown, 11 children
-Samuel Alexander Mimms, b. August 13, 1894 d. Nov. 6, 1953, married Lucile Donnald, 2 children
-Robert Joseph Mimms, b. Jan.31, 1897, d. Apr. 22,1956, married Pansye Mae Williams, 1 child
-Amelia Mimms, b. Apr. 10, 1898, d. Sep. 1, 1901
-John Allen Mimms, b. Sep. 28, 1901, d. 1985, married Hazel Bennett, b.Mar 30, 1905, d. 1988, 2 children. See**
-Minnie Eleanor Mimms, b. May 8, 1904, married Melvin P. McHugh, b. 1903, d. July 17, 1971
-Allie Mary Mims, b. Oct 8, 1907, unmarried, did not add 2nd 'm' to name. Lives in Home Place in Piedmont, S.C.
-Frances Blackburn Mimms, b. Oct. 4, 1909, married Marvin O. Thomas, 1 child
-Mildred Mimms, b. June 24, 1912, d. Aug. 3, 1912
-Lucy Ligon Mimms, born Dec 24, 1916, d. Feb 28, 1966, married George Campbell, 2 children

** John Allen and Hazel Bennett Mimms' children are:

- John Allen Mimms Jr. b. Mar 12, 1930, married Gwen Walton, Sep. 22, 1965. John and Gwen's children are:
           James W. Nance
           Shari Nance

-Margaret Mimms Ward, b. 1932, d. 1986, Margaret married Charles Ward. Margaret and Charles' children are:
           Lawrence Ward
           Allene Ward

Dr. Samuel Mims always wanted to live in Texas, so around 1861, he left Greenville, South Carolina and headed to Texas. He got as far as Logansport, Louisiana, about 1000 yards from the Texas line and settled. Dr. Mims died from flu on Jan. 1, 1864. He was the owner of about 1600 acres of land about 3 miles from Logansport (where there are many oil wells today). His wife remained in Logansport until around 1872 when her brother came and took her and the family back to South Carolina. The land sold for taxes, one dollar an acre, some time later.

Note: There is a Baptist Church on the property today, named: 'Mims Springs Baptist Church'.  I took my father and mother to visit the church in 1968. Daddy was so proud. jm

This profile provided by John Allen Mimms Jr.,   great-grandson of Dr. Samuel A. Mims.

PHOTO  OF  DR.  SAMUEL ALEXANDER  MIMS  and  The  MIMS  LETTERS  also  provided by  John.

╣It is not known where Dr. Samuel Alexander Mims is buried. The family has searched for 30 years in Louisiana for his grave. Anyone with information regarding the burial plot is asked to email this web site.

▓The second 'm', added to Mims is also a mystery. When first added is not known. It was on Dr. Mims' second wife, Frances Ann's tombstone - 'Francis Ann Mimms'. But the second 'm' was being used prior to her death in 1918.