(born c1799-1800)

Polly Dancy, who lived under very different circumstances than most of the folks profiled on this site, without doubt, contributed to development of the area, and the Isaac Dancy family in a substantial way.

Polly, a slave for most of her life, in the household of Isaac Dancy, was shown in an inventory of Isaac Dancy’s chattel, in an 1859 Chancery Court document, Haywood County Tennessee.

The US Census of 1870 shows Polly was born circa 1799-1800, listing her age at 70 years. It should be noted that African  Americans were not listed by name, in the early census, until they reached their 70th birthday. The census also lists Polly's birthplace as Virginia. (Note: In a court document, included in this profile, dated March 1, 1859, Polly’s age was listed as 60 years. This would appear to prove her birth year was 1800, which could be plus or minus a few months)

It is reasonably certain that Polly moved from Virginia to Williamson County Tennessee, then to Haywood County Tennessee in 1831, as this was the migration path of Isaac Dancy. Isaac was born in Charles City County, Virginia in 1783. While exact movement dates are not known, it is known that in addition to Charles City County; he was in Dinwiddie County, Virginia in the years 1809-1811; in Williamson County, Tennessee at least the years 1817-1831 (and possibly up until 1833); and in Haywood County at least by 19 January 1833, the date he established the first Post Office in Dancyville (called Dancey's by the postal service) and remained there until his death in 1863.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Recent information, January 2001, indicates that Polly Dancy was in the Benjamin Towler household prior to 1832. This would mean she did not come from Virginia with the Isaac Dancy family but with the Benjamin Towler Family. Isaac Dancy married Benjamin Towler's daughter, Sarah/Sallie Towler. In Benjamin Towler's will he left Polly to one of Isaac and Sarah's daughters, which would account for her being in the Isaac Dancy household in the Census. Since it is believed Benjamin and Isaac traveled the same route from Virginia to Tennessee, Polly's path may still be the same as outlined above.

The following Slaves, including Polly Dancy, were listed in a Chancery Court action, to appoint a guardian for Isaac Dancy, following a stroke. The date on this court document is August 23, 1859:

The record appears as ;

Chancery Court of Haywood County Tennessee
Vol # 3, Page 253
Nov. 1854 - April 1867


Daniel aged about 46, Jim 30, Tom 28, Anderson 21, Burrel 20, Moses 20, Andrew 19,  Jordan 10, George 7, Henry 7, Polly 60, Mandy 25, Lucy 22, Harriett 18, Lucinda 40 and her youngest child about 18 months, Caroline│ 12, Emelino╣ 4 & Jane 2 years.

No other information is known about these folks, or their final disposition, except Polly▓, Caroline│ and Emelino╣ (see below).

Full Court Document with Slave List

NOTE: While it is not the purpose of this site to present names for research, because Polly was in my great-great grandfather’s household, and because of the great difficulty in researching African Americans in the 1800’s, I am asking for any information readers might have regarding Polly Dancy. If you have any information on Polly please e-mail this site so I may pass it on to her descendants. Thanks. jd

pollytr.jpg (30114 bytes)POLLY  DANCY  DESCENDANT  TREE
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Polly Dancy Descendant Tree provided by Mrs. Anna M. Dancy Lewis, ggg-granddaughter of Polly.
We greatly appreciate Mrs. Lewis's contribution of the Polly Dancy chart information. jd

Additional information from Mrs. Lewis:
╣Emelino was living in the home of John Dancy, as a domestic worker, in 1870. Her age was listed as 17.
(note: Emelino is mentioned often in the 1869 diary of Louisa Jane Kerr Dancy, wife of John Dancy. Louisa
spelled her name 'Emeline'.)
▓Polly Dancy was living in the home of Caroline Jones, and her family, in 1870. It is believed Caroline│ was the
grandaughter of Polly.

Editor's note:
Slave Children in Isaac Dancy Family Bible:
The Family Bible of Isaac Dancy, with records including the Lemon Family, contains the birth dates of 7 children of slaves, born between 1843 and 1852. These children would have been born in, or near, Dancyville. These records are not posted on line, as requested by the owner of the Isaac Dancy Family Bible. The names are William, Francis, Milly, Corneliar, Malissa, Caroline, Eliza. If you think one of these folks might be a match for you, email the site and I will lookup and provide the birthdate. jd



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