A Tribute  to  Miss  Dorothy

By  Mr.  Lynn  Shaw





Mr. Lynn  Shaw  and 
Miss  Dorothy  Moore

At  the  dedication  of  the
James  K.  Polk -
James  C.  Jones
Historical  Marker
July  2000



Miss Dorothy Moore was my high-school history teacher. In over 40 years of teaching, she was hundreds of other students' history teacher also; but somehow, I think of her only as being my history teacher. Miss Moore had a personal bonding with her students.
Over the years since high school, anytime a question arose that concerned Dancyville or the Dancyville area, Miss Moore was the final word and ultimate authority to be consulted.
When the Historical Society began to compile information on the various communities in Haywood

County, the one community that needed no working up was Dancyville.
Miss Moore had a lifetime of information on Dancyville that she was willing to share with the Historical Society. As a person leads his life, there are people we meet who have the same interests. No matter when I last talked with Miss Moore, it always seemed to me that we were picking up the same conversation over and over again; but with something new added that she would be able to explain or point out, either telling about a person or remembering a landmark not talked about previously.
Now, be it resolved that the Haywood County Historical Society grieves the loss of our colleague and wishes to spread upon the minutes of our Society, our sincere sense of loss and deepest condolences to Miss Moore's family.

Be it further resolved that Miss Moore served with distinction on many committees that added to our Historical Society and to our Haywood County Museum. Furthermore, her lifelong interest in history affected the scholarship and study that the Historical Society has undertaken to discover the true history of Haywood County and its people. It is the overwhelming belief of this Society that her like will not be seen again.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynn J. Shaw, President
Haywood County Historical Society


Used  by  permission  of  Mr. Lynn  J.  Shaw

Photo  by  Mary  Kay  Dancy  Smith