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William J. HUGHES, son of Joshua and Temperance HUGHES, was born in North Carolina in 1826 and died in Dyer Co., Tennessee in Nov. 1883. He is buried in Fairview Cemetery in Newbern, Tennessee. He married Margaret Ann Cowan on 15 Oct 1848, in Lincoln County, Tennessee. Margaret Ann was born in Tennessee abt. 1833 and died 1872-80. William married (2) Permelia J. before 1880. Permelia was born in Kentucky abt. 1832.

Children of William J. HUGHES and Margaret Ann:

    1. Mary Frances (Fannie) b. 1 Sep 1855 TN d. 10 Aug 1924 Boone Co. AR
    She married Arthur Dale MCGAUGHEY 1 Jan. 1874 in TN.

    2. Dela b. abt. 1856 TN (does not appear on 1870 census)

    3. Florence L. b. abt. 1859 TN. She married WILLIAMS

    4. Willie Ann b. abt. 1862 TN

    5. T.F. (female) b. abt. 1863 TN

    6. Caledonia Doris b. abt. 1865 TN

    7. Emma L. b. abt. 1867 TN

    8. Elizabeth C. (Bettie) b. 28 Nov 1868 Shelby Co., TN d. 5 Apr 1936 Tulsa Co.,
    She married James Wilson COCHRAN abt.1888

    9. James S. (Jimmie) b. 1872 TN

More on William and Mary Ann HUGHES' children:

1. Mary Frances (Fannie) HUGHES was born 1 Sept 1855 in TN and died 10 Aug 1924 in Boone Co., AR She married Arthur Dale MCGAUGHEY on 1 January 1874 at her father, William's home in Shelby Co.,TN. Arthur (A.D.) was born 9 June 1850 in Lawrence Co., Alabama and died 8 June 1925 in Boone Co., AR. Fannie and A.D. moved to Arkansas between 1875 and 1878 and settled near Harrison, Boone County in the Bellefonte area, where he was engaged in farming. Fannie and A.D. are buried at Smith Cemetery, Boone Co., AR.

Children of Arthur and Fannie:
i. Marvin
ii. Willie
iii. Minnie
iv. Melvin
v. Myrtle
vi. Mamie
vii. Murphy
ix. Munsey
x. Merritt

i. Marvin MCGAUGHEY was born on 7 Dec 1875 in Shelby Co., TN and died 28 Feb 1908 in Boone Co., AR. He married on 21 Dec. 1902 to Miss Charley BRYANT (b. 1881). Marvin was engaged in farming. Children of Marvin and Charley:

a. PAUL (DICK) MCGAUGHEY was born on 6 Sep 1903 and died 17 Aug 1986. He married Maryetta BOWER.

ii. Willie MCGAUGHEY was born on 3 Dec 1878 in Boone Co., AR and died on 17 Jan 1879 Boone Co., Ark. (Female).

iii. Minnie MCGAUGHEY was born on 9 Jan 1881 in Boone Co., AR and died on 14Mar 1975. She married on 28 Feb.1900 to Edward M. HATHCOAT (b. 1877). He was engaged in farming and was employed at Fair Store, Harrison, Ark. He died 30 November 1917 in Boone Co., AR. Children of Minnie and Edward:

a. Leta Mae Hathcoat
b. Edward Curtis Hathcoat
c. Edwin C. Hathcoat

iv. Melvin MCGAUGHEY was born on 23 Sep 1883 in Boone Co., AR and died on 13 May 1964 in California. He married 16 July 1911 to Nell STROUD. Nell was born in 1890 and died in 1955. He was employed by M & N Ark. Railroad and worked on his farm. The family moved to Napa, CA in 1943. Children of Melvin and Nell:

a. Ollie May McGaughey
b. Thomas McGaughey
c. Vernon Arthur McGaughey
d. Grace McGaughey
e. Frances Ellen (Fannie) McGaughey
f. Jack McGaughey

v. Myrtle MCGAUGHEY was born on 27 Jan 1886 in Boone County, AR and died on 19 Dec 1971 in Lufkin, Angelina Co., TX. She married on 17 Jan. 1909 to Martin Luther RUSSELL of San Antonio, TX. Luther was born 31 Jan 1884 in Greene Co., AR and died 5 Jan 1977 in Lufkin, Angelina Co., TX. Luther was the son of John Houston RUSSELL and Martha DICKINSON. Myrtle and Luther lived in Texas until 1920; returned to Arkansas and farmed near Bellefonte. They retired at Siloam Springs, Ark then moved to Lufkin, Tx in the early 1960s. Children of Myrtle and Luther:

a. Dwight Lurton Russell
b Mamie Russell
c. Garth Lafayette Russell
d. Rev. Leroy Hughes Russell
e. Pauline Russell

a. Dwight Lurton RUSSELL was born in Bexar County, TX. He married Lois ARCHER in 1940. Dwight and Lois had one son, Duane. Dwight resides in Albuquerque, NM.

b. Mamie RUSSELL was born in 1912 and died in 1994. She married (1) Leon WILLIS in 1935. They had one daughter, Linda.

Mamie married (2) Alfred HUGHES in 1946. They had two daughters: Joyce and Janice. They resided in Mannford, OK.

c. Garth Lafayette RUSSELL was born in 1915 and died in 1997. He married Eleanor SCHIAVO in 1941. They had two daughters: Donna and Gail. They resided in Chicago, IL and St. Louis, MO.

d. Rev. Leroy Hughes RUSSELL was born in 1920 and died in 1998 He married Frances ALLEN in 1949. They had three children: Larry, David and Marsha. Leroy was a Methodist minister in Texas for many years.

e. Pauline RUSSELL was born in 1921 and died in 2001. She married Everett WALTON in 1946. They had two children: Wayne and Anne. They resided in Lufkin, TX.

vi. Mamie MCGAUGHEY was born on 23 Jul 1888 and died on 23 Dec 1896 in Boone Co., AR.

vii. Murphy MCGAUGHEY was born on 17 Jan 1891 and died on 30 Mar 1891 in Boone Co., AR.

viii. Maxey MCGAUGHEY was born on 5 Feb 1893 in Boone Co., AR and died in 1972. He married 21 March 1915 to Nova TROUTMAN of Bellefonte, Ark. Nova was born in 1896 and died in 1968. Maxey engaged in farming for six years until 1921 when he went to work for the M & N Ark. Railroad, which he held until 1946 when the Railroad closed operation.

In the Carroll County Heritage Center Museum at Berryville is the Railway telegraph set bought in 1921 on which he learned telegraphy. The instrument, which was used by him at the Berryville Depot until the road closed, is also there. Also, railroad spikes dating from 1901 to 1946 are displayed and were finished and mounted by Maxey. The drawing knife, which is displayed, was purchased in 1890 by the McGaughey Family and donated by Maxey. Children of Maxey and Nova:

a. Maxine McGaughey
b. Fannie Muriel McGaughey

ix. Munsey MCGAUGHEY was born on 16 Jun 1895 in Boone Co., AR and died on 12 Jul 1992. He married 9 June 1923 to Marjorie Elizabeth ARMSTRONG in Boone County, Ark. Marjorie was b. 5 Sept 1898 and d. 30 Mar 1994. Munsey worked for years as an accountant and auditor for the M & N Ark. Railroad. He was later interested in real estate and developed the “McGaughey Addition” at Harrison. When Munsey worked at the Railroad he changed his name to "Joe Munsey McGaughey". Children of Munsey and Marjorie:

a. Joyce Estelle McGaughey
b. Carol Jo McGaughey

x. Merritt MCGAUGHEY was born on 10 Sep 1898 and died on 1 Nov 1984. He married 21 July 1923 to Ora Belle BAKER. She was born on 5 Feb. 1901 and died on 21 June 1991. Merritt was born and reared on the family farm at Olvey, near Bellefonte. He learned telegraphy when 17 years of age and was employed by the M & N Ark. Railroad, as well as other railroads, as telegrapher. He worked in various positions with the M & N Ark. Railroad until they ceased operation in 1946, after which he was employed as Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce in Harrison, Ark. No Children.

8. Elizabeth C. (Bettie) HUGHES was born on 28 Nov 1868 in Shelby Co., TN and died on 5 Apr 1936 in Tulsa Co., OK. She married James Wilson COCHRAN before 1888 in Boone Co., AR. James was born on 6 May 1864 in Randolph Co., MO and died on 6 Jan 1928. They are buried in Park Grove Cemetery in Broken Arrow, Tulsa Co., OK. Children of Bettie and James:

    a. Susie Cochran
    b. Essie Cochran
    c. Lex Cochran
    d. Virginia Cochran
    e. Russell Cochran
    f. Emmalette Cochran
    g. Floy Cochran
    h. Glenn Cochran       

1860, 1870 and 1880 Census for Shelby Co. TN
William J. Hughes Will
Fairview Cemetery at Newbern, TN
Family Records of Jo Ann Stanley
Records  of  Donna Pilcher
Family Records of Janice Hughes Dunn whose parents both had HUGHES in their family lines.

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Thanks  to  JANICE  HUGHES  DUNN  for   providing  this  HUGHES  profile.

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