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This is a transcription of the actual pages of the John R. Rea Family Bible Record. The transcription has been made, as is, without editing, April 2001. jd ~ See the Bible description and history at the end of this transcription.

John R. and Elizabeth Rea were the parents of Frank Rea
Grandparents of Aimee Kathryn Rea Haugh 
Great-grandparents of  Roselee K. Haugh Dancy and Leland Bernard 'Bud' Haugh;
2-Great-grandparents of  Robert J. Storckman and Janice Kimberly Dancy;
2-Great-grandparents of Charles Richard Haugh, Linda Kathryn Haugh Coppock;
Bernard Michael Haugh; Theresa Haugh Schroder; Mary Joyce Haugh Stigers
and Lori Ann Haugh




John R. Rea and Elizabeth Rea was married July 1st in the year of our lord one thousand Eight hundred and forty nine By Esq. Freeman in Bentonville Fayette County Indiana.

Alice M. Rea was married on the 26th of May Eighteen hundred and seventy four 1874 to George W. Laughlin

Lizzie Emma Rea was married on blank to Alfred B. Fitzer

John C. Rea and Annie F. Pallinsonous(?) was married April 25th 1888

Frank Rea and Nancy E. Layton was married June 4th 1893

Aimee Rea and Robert Haugh was married November 26, 1924

Rodney Rea and Ruth Carson was married August 11, 1927

Dorothy Rea and Claude Haner - November 13, 1927


Aimee & Robert Haugh Children: Leland Bernard - Roselee Kathryn

Rodney & Ruth Rea - Tona Suzana

Dorothy & Claude Haner - Jerry Rea Haner


John R. Rea was born July the 27th 1826
Elizabeth M.(?) Rea was born March the 21, 1827
George M.(?) Rea was born June 6th, 1850
Albert Augustus Rea was born November the 19th 1852
Mary Alice Rea was born February the 8th 1854
Eva Medora(?) Rea was born March the 17th 1856
Rosa Annie Rea was born August 4th 1858
Frank Rea was born October the 15th 1860
Lizzie Emma Rea was born November 19th 1862
John Clark Rea was born May the 19th 1864
Benjamin David Rea was born December 10th 1867
Harry Ralph Rea was born May 20th 1889
Rayden Keith Ray was born May 3d 1891
Ruth Rea was born March 13th 1893
Hattie Gail Rea was born May 6th 1895
Baby Rea was born March 20th 1894
Aimee Katharine(?) Rea was born April 21st 1898
Rodney Clark Rea was born March 4th 1900
Dorothy Alice Rea was born November 15 - 1905
James Robert Rea was born September 4th 1909
Leland Bernard Haugh May 21, 1926
Roselee Kathryn Haugh  Dec 27, 1932
Tona Susana Rea July 22, 1932
Jerry Rea Haner Nov 8 - 1933



Albert Augustua Rea died February 2nd 1853
Benjamin David Rea died July 10th 1869
Rosa Annie Rea died April 5th 1871
George (M or U) Rea died the 20th of September 1874
Eva (M or W) Rea died on the 9th day of March 1879
John Robert Rea died on the 28th of February 1880
Alice M. McLaughlin(?) died on the 11th day of September 1881
Harry McLaughlin(?) died on the 14th day of April 1880
George (middle?) McLaughlin(?) died on the 1st of October 1881
Lizzie Emma Fitzer died on the 22d of January 1888
Elizabeth M. Rea died on the 20 of February 1887
Baby Rea died on the 20th of March 1894
Hettie Gail Rea died on the 29th of May 1909
Nancy Elizabeth Rea died June 22, 1922
James Robert Rea died November 25th 1926 at Sevsihole(?) Oklahoma
Aimee Kathryn Haugh died July 18, 1944 at home in Logansport, Ind.
Frank Rea died July 21, 1947 at the Memorial Hospital, South Bend, Ind.
John Clark Rea died February 1943
Anna F.(Patterson) Rea died October 12, 1956
Rodney Clark Rea died June 19th, 1961
Roselee Kathryn Haugh Dancy died July 1, 1992, in her home at 2411 Spear Street, Logansport, Indiana. She died of cancer.
Leland Bernard Haugh died August 7, 1998 in his home at 2246 Miami Trails, West Lafayette, Ind. Cause of death heart attack.
Betty Jo Noakes Haugh died July 25, 1997 - Home Hospital, Lafayette, Indiana. Cause of death- pancreatic cancer. jd


Dated to date August 20 - 1967
Dorothy Rea Haner



The John R. Rea Family Bible size is 12 inches by 10 inches by 3 inches thick. It is bound in brown leatherette, trimmed and lettered in black and gold, and has 2 metal closure clasps. The name John R. Rea is embossed  in the center of the front cover. The Bible is in a condition expected for a book more than 100 years old. The cover is deteriorating and the binding has separated from the cover. The pages and records are still in fair condition. Primary entries in the record are black ink with what looks like a quill stylus.


From John R. Rea it is surmised the Bible went to his son Frank Rea. Since Frank Rea died in South Bend, where Dorothy Haner (Aunt Dorothy), his daughter, was living, and she entered the comment, in 1967, that the Bible records were up to date, it is believed she received the Bible at her father’s death in 1947. At Aunt Dorothy’s death, her son, Jerry Haner would have come into posession. Bud and Betty Haugh were asked to secure the valuables, at Jerry’s apartment, at the time of his death. It is believed Bud Haugh came in posession of the Bible at this time. Bud had promised the Bible to Kim Dancy. Both Kim and the late Mary Haugh Stigers were interested in the Bible. After Bud’s death Mary, very graciously, gave the Bible to Kim.