This page is to provide information regarding individual features, of some burials, at Dancyville Methodist Cemetery. For instance you will find some common stones, with an entire families' names, and individual graves are not identified. Here we will also identify people that are known to be buried in the cemetery but do not have individual graves identified. Any speculative information will be identified as such.

As with many cemeteries, as old as this one, there were periods when record keeping was not good. We hope to provide at least
basic information for these lapses.

This page, as with the entire cemetery 'read', is based on the cemetery records, provided by Miss Dorothy Moore and the survey and grave charts provided by Mr. Frank Bragg. Additional information has been provided by older residents and others.

Cemetery Read and Transcription by Mary Kay Dancy Smith - ©2000, 2001.


Dr. Felix McFarland provided a common tombstone for his family. While the cemetery records record the grave numbers for the McFarland family, most of the individual graves are not identified.

The names appearing on the McFarland Family Stone are:

West Side of Stone:   Martha A. Douglas McFarland - 11/19/1823 - 9/15/1868
                                 Felix McFarland - 9/6/1811 - 1/3/1876

North Side of Stone:  Douglas McFarland -1/7/1857 - 10/?/1858
                                         Rush McFarland - 1858 - 12/1863
                                 Lillian McFarland - 1860 - 12/1863
                                 Henry McFarland - 1862 - 12/1863

South Side of Stone:  Emma Caroline McFarland - 3/17/1845 - 6/2/1846
                                 Anna McFarland Neblett - 2/24/1847 - 4/11/1885
                                 Ella Medora McFarland - 2/15/1847 - 6/20/1851
                                 Henry Wilson McFarland - 8/29/1851 - 8/2/1852

George Key and his brother, Dave Key, are buried in the cemetery, in unmarked graves. Older residents of Dancyville remember the burials. George Key was well known in Dancyville and he is the only known Spanish American War Veteran buried in the cemetery.
Note: Mr. Joe Moore, told us on October 2, 2000, that he remembers George Key being buried in the cemetery but does not recall the date. He is also sure Dave Key is buried here.


This information is at J.T. Joyner's Stone:
H.B. Hare - September 5, 1835
Married W.B. Douglas - 1857
Married J.T. Joyner - 1866
Died October 5, 1899

These names are on a stone, indicated as the Thomas McClain plot on the Cemetery Chart:

Johnnie Foster - 7/17/1877 - 8/12/1877
Thomas Marklen Foster - 8/8/1874 - 10/9/1874

This cemetery 'read' and update is Copyrighted© 2000, Mary Kay Smith, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, used by permission.


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