We like to think we are no different than anyone else who may compile and publish material on the internet or other venue. We certainly like to take credit. The truth of the matter, however, many individuals have made this posting possible. We have attempted to include each person, living or deceased, that in any way, contributed to this endeavor. To anyone omitted our apologies, and please be assured, your contributions are no less appreciated.
A reminder for any name omitted would be greatly appreciated. jkd/mks

The Contributors:

Dorothy Moore - Could not begin to list the many contribution of items. Miss Dorothy has very generously provided
articles, photos, history and leads. You will find credits for her on many of the pages of this site.

Carolene  English - The pictures, memoirs, McFarland and Douglass lineages and other material from the book 'Memoirs and Addresses'   by  Louis Burchette  McFarland, hand dated May 1, 1922, AND the DONATION of this rare, personal publication to the Elma Ross Library, Brownsville, Tennessee.

Betty Duck Bird - Provided a lot of material and first made the editor aware of  Louisa's Diary.

Mildred Ethlene 'Aunt Mil' Dancy Duck - Aunt Mil's Letters, other material and family history information.

Mary Priscilla Duck Stripling - Sent us on the road to letters from Aunt Mil and 'Priscilla's Dancyville Memories.'

Barbara  Dancy  Conn - The life and times of  E.W. Dancy and his Family - from Tennessee to Colorado.

Miller  Jakes - For his 'Dancyville Childhood Memories.'

Allen Hughes and Alice Crapser Cogbill - Photos, of some of our ancestors, from their Album, and other family

Lucy Cogbill Register - Photos and other Dancy and Cogbill family history documents. Lucy also provided the scans and
identifications for the Cogbill Album numbers 2 and 3.

Julia Lemon Fewsmith - Isaac Dancy Family Bible Records (records are not posted on site), Civil War questionnaires of Louis Burchette McFarland, George Martin and John S. Martin. Other Dancy family history information and records.

Louisa Jane Kerr Dancy - Her 1869 Journal.

Ann R. Phillips, Retired Archivist, The Memphis Conference Archives, Lambuth University., Jackson, TN.
Access to the Archives and Louisa's 1869 Diary.

Sarah Rhea McNamee, Author, History of Joyner's Campground, 1893 - 1993. Miss Sarah very generously
gave us pictures of the Yum-Yum (Garnett) School, the 5 teacher staff and pictures of her and our Aunt
Mary Dancy. Sarah and Mary were close friends until Aunt Mary's early death in 1940.

Mary Frances Rhea Dancy - The 1989 Dancy Family History.

Joe B. Moore - A History of Dancyville.

Fenton M. Dancy - Dancy Family Research.

Albert G. Dancy (a.k.a. John Dancy) for providing the Fenton Dancy Research.
Roy L. Dancy (Dothan, AL.) - Provided the editor with the full Dancy Family Research.
Bruce Dancy (British Columbia) - Processed the Dancy Family Research for use in FrontPage.

Clara Dancy and Janet A. Dancy McNabb - James F. Dancy Family update to the Dancy Family Outline.

Jo  Ann  Sholty - The Joshua  Hughes  Obituary.

Janice  Hughes  Dunn - William J. Hughes family outline. William J. Hughes family descendant photos and early Gratitude Church photo.

John Walton Henderson - The Claxton Family Genealogy. Many Claxton Family photos.

Kathlene Sue Cain Hudgins - Updates to the Peter Hudgins Family page.

History of Tennessee, The Goodspeed Publishing Company, Nashville, 1887. The State History only, has
entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1886 by The Goodspeed Publishing Company in the
Office of the Library of Congress, at Washington, D.C.                  

Reese  Moses, Genealogy Room, The Elma Ross Public Library, Brownsville, Tennessee
Assistance in the room and copies of many documents used on the site.

The Brownsville States*Graphic - Brownsville, Tennessee - Permission to use Alarms & Excursions Article,
The Road To the White House - 1841, by Clayburn Peeples and permission to reprint the article,
Dancyville Historical Marker Honors War of 1812 Soldier and Statesman.

Eldon Roark & The Memphis Press Scimiter - Strolling with Roark - Trip to Dancyville.

The Commercial Appeal - Memphis - Permission to use Assignment Memphis article and Dr. James Hughes Obituary.

John Allen Mimms Jr. - Dr. Samuel A. Mims Profile, The Mims Letters and Dr. Mims Power of
Attorney to sell Dancyville land. Photo of  Dr. Samuel  Alexander  Mims.

Margaret Mimms Ward - The Mims Letters.

Anna M. Dancy Lewis - For the Family Chart of her ggg-grandmother - Polly Dancy.

Amanda Gaines - Transcription of The Stanton Story and 'old' Wesley. Data input on Haugh family tree.

Matthew Lundy - The Cherry Family profile, Cherry descendants and tax list. James P. Cherry and George D. Cherry Civil War Records. Lewis Cass Cherry Family Bible records and marriage records.

Jayne Kilby Henson - Family Charting for Anne and William Henry Ford.

Peggy Jean Dancy Paschall - Provided first copy of Dancy genealogy the editor had seen.

Jane Norton Powell,  Haywood County  Tennessee Genealogy Site - invitation to link to Haywood County
AND she was the initial inspiration for publishing this site.

Janice Kimberly 'Kim' Dancy - Thomas Haugh, Frank Rea and other Haugh family photos, Rea Bible Records. Proofing selected pages.

Michael Bernard Haugh - Haugh family photos and records. Bud Haugh Military records and medals.

Linda Haugh Coppock - Haugh family photos and records.

Mary Ellen Bougher Martin - Research - Blackwood, Dancy, Haugh, McFarland and material copies. Also Civil War Research.

Tyrrell  Jones  Bond - Research of the families; Gilliam, Colburn, Chamberlain, Pettus, Jones and Lovick used in the Family Outlines
on this site. Also photos and records of these families, including the Rogers-Jones Families Photo Album. Chamberlain Revolutionary War records.

Betty J. Paschall - Blackwood Family Research in the census, marriage records, cemetery records and McEvoy
Funeral Home records in Henry County Tennessee.

Sue Nichols Clark-Wooldridge - Obituaries of Anderson and Nancy Driver Blackwood.

Frank T. Bragg - Permission to use his Kerr, Kerr-Bragg and other Family Histories, his excellent survey and drawings of the grave index for the Dancyville United Methodist Cemetery and contribution of additions to our Kerr genealogy.

Wayne Beard - For his contribution of the page , MISCHIEF IN DANCYVILLE.

Virginia  Naylor  Smith - For her memories of   Dancyville and the surrounding area. And ... for Jones Family information.

Emil Wasniewski - The Dancy, Wisconsin Page.

Romie Carr - For the Original and Restored Photos of   Henry E. Kerr and  family sheets, deed documents and Bible Sheet.

James Michael Scrape, and daughter, Tammy Shalina Scrape Garner - For transcription and provision, of the Benjamin Towler last will. And to Michael for providing the photo of the will and Benjamin's Revolutionary War record and the scan of Benjamin's Revolutionary War Marker. Also the research showing the surname of Sarah 'Tyler', was actually Towler.

Dan  Speer - For his records of the Price-Kerr Families, including: movement history, wills, personal letter and court actions.

Robert H. Haralson Jr. - The Jones Family Cemetery 'Read'; The story of the burial of Lydia Polk, sister of the president and his own Dancyville observations.

Mrs. J. W. Smith - The Emma Vera Stribling Smith Sanlin Profile.

Mrs. Mary Schultz - Copy of the sketch of the Old Hughes Place, by Barton Schultz.

Alvis M. Bond - For the History of  The Dancyville C.M.E. Church.

Rev. E. L. Perry, Thomas L. Pirtle, Earnest Pirtle, Arthur Pruiett, Lavell Miller, Emma Bowles, Alvis M. Bond, Rev. Cleavon Meabon, Pastor, Dancyville C.M.E. Church, Mary Kay Dancy Smith ~ For the 'Read' of the graves in the Dancyville C.M.E   Church  Cemetery.

David Williamson - Coppedge decendents picture scan and information from the Dancyville United Methodist Church homecoming.

Kenneth R. Smith - His valued assistance with the Dancyville Methodist Cemetery 'Read' and continued support of
wife, Mary Kay, as she continues to contribute the bulk of material for this site.

A little about the Publishers of these pages:

Mary Katherine Dancy Smith: Born and raised in Dancyville, she also roamed the hills and valleys. This can be very helpful when looking for a long lost house, cemetery or tombstone. I doubt if a page can be found on this site that she has not had a hand in. She has run down data, people, pictures, copies and  did most of the 'foot work' required to put the site together. When not running down material for this site, Mary Kay and husband Kenny, are involved in Civil War reenactment. Mary Kay completed the Dancyville Methodist Cemetery read in 2001. Using Church records and the 1975 survey of the cemetery, and her own knowledge and research, she was able to provide the most extensive and accurate record ever compiled on the Methodist Cemetery.

James Karl 'Buddy' Dancy : Born during the great depression in Paris, Tennessee(I really like my Aunt Mil's version best, she says, "I was conceived in Dancyville and born in Paris") Korean War era Air Force Veteran; Retired hospital food service director; Avoided the computer as long as I could.  A  person with a bevy of names; Jim, Jimmy, Buddy, and called Dancy by some, I can't resist comment on my middle name 'Karl'. My parents actually gave me the middle name 'Kerr', pronounced Karr. The attending physician, a woman, strange in its-self  for those days, apparently misheard the 'Kerr' (Karr) and wrote Karl on my birth certificate.  I was happy when first  learning  of this mistake but after reading about the Kerrs in my genealogy, especially Louisa Jane Kerr Dancy, my great grandmother, I now feel a little disappointed.

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