1797 - 1878

Joshua Hughes was born in Chatham County, North Carolina, February 15, 1797. In 1822  he was married to Temperance C. Gunter, and soon thereafter, probably about 1825, removed to Tennessee. He settled in Lincoln County, where he acquired a farm in the western part, in a community known as Boone's Hill. Boone's Hill was a small country post office situated half-way between Fayetteville and Pulaski.

Joshua and Temperance had twelve children, five sons and seven daughters. The sons were: William J., Thomas Newton, Frank Marion, Charles Gunter and Wesley. The oldest daughter whose name is unknown, died in infancy, probably at birth or shortly thereafter. The other six daughters were: Nancy, Lucy, Mary, Rebecca, Temperance (called Tempe) and Margaret. All these children except the unknown baby and Wesley lived to maturity. Wesley met an accidental death at about sixteen or seventeen years of age. The youngest daughter, Margaret, having married and had two children, died early in life in December 1878, probably from yellow fever. All the others lived to be three score or more and some to a very advanced age. Charles G. was the last to pass away. He died March 20, 1932, at the approximate age of 85 years.

In the early 1850's, when there were not railroads for use, Joshua Hughes, with his family, moved from Lincoln County to Shelby County, traveling overland by wagons and other vehicular conveyance. He settled in the Northeastern section of Shelby County in what is locally know as 'Gratitude'. The Gratitude neighborhood was two or three miles North by West from Arlington. In fact the Methodist Church called 'Gratitude' was situated in the Southwest corner of the property Joshua acquired. The place consisted of 275 acres of land. His home was nearly within speaking distance of the church.

He continued to reside there the rest of his life and died at the home in December 1878.

An unusual circumstance is that within a period of ten days to two weeks, four members of the family, all residing in the house, died: Joshua and wife Temperance, Joshua's daughter  Margaret and her husband, Mr. Boyd. Allš were buried in the cemetery where Wesley Hughes was previously interred at the Gratitude Methodist Church.

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šIn 1999, the grave sites of Joshua and Temperance C. Hughes and Wesley Hughes were read at the Gratitude Methodist Church Cemetery. The grave sites of Margaret Hughes Boyd and husband Mr. Boyd, were not located.

Joshua and Temperance C. Hughes did not live in the Dancyville, Haywood County area. They are included on this site as ancestors of those Hughes families that were very involved in these communities. Ed.


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