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Isaac Dancy, for whom Dancyville was named, was born 13 Aug 1783, The son of Edward and Rebecca Dancy in Charles City County, Virginia. His first wife was Sarah Towler*  who died 11 October 1822, in Williamson County, Tennessee. Sarah and Isaac were married 24 Dec 1802 and their children were:

Edward - b. 27 Dec 1805 - never married.

Rebecca - b. 21 Jul 1809 in Dinwiddie County, Virginia; d. 19 Aug 1871 in Haywood County, TN.
                 Married (1) Rueben Mays, 21 Jan 1828, in Williamson County,TN. Married (2) Abner
                 H. Martin, 1840, in Haywood County, TN.

Martha - b. 1 Jan 1811, in Dinwiddie County, VA; d. 13 Oct 1861 in Pine Bluff, AK. Married Robert
                Lemon (son of John and Hannah Dancy Lemon of N.C.)

Sarah - b. 8 Mar 1815. Married _______ Germany.

Elizabeth - b. 15 Oct 1817 in Williamson County,TN.; d. 1893 in Star City, AK. Married (1) William
                  Lay - 1834 - Dancyville, TN.; Married (2) Samuel Smith of Middlesex, N.C. at Star City,

Mildred E. b. 1 Oct 1818 in Williamson County,TN.; d. in Lavaca County, TX.; Married Allen
                   Garrison Lay (brother to William Lay who married her sister Elizabeth.) Allen was
                   born in Georgia and died in Lavaca County, TX.

Isaac and Sarah had two other children that died shortly after birth. It is highly probable that Sarah died in childbirth.

* As long as I have possessed family records, Sarah's surname has been spelled Tyler., without documentation. New information indicates her surname was Towler, daughter of  Benjamin Towler. Benjamin Towler was born 1752   in Richmond, Virginia, died 1837 in Gibson County Tennessee. He was a Revolutionary War Veteran and lived in Dinwiddie County Virginia during the war. He married Martha Darby, c 1773 and they had two children; Mary, who married William L. Elder; Sallie who married Isaac Dancy. (March 3, 2001)
We greatly appreciate the new, documented information, regarding Sarah Towler's name, provided by Michael Scrape, a descendant of Benjamin Towler.


Isaac Dancy and his second wife, Mary Lamb Dancy, were married 15 Dec 1823. Mary Lamb Dancy was born July 19, 1793, in Virginia. They came from Williamson County to Haywood County c 1831.

Tradition has it, the community was established, in 1837, and named Dancyville, for the purpose of shipping freight to the town, and Isaac, a blacksmith, was the town's only business.. Wholesale goods for the first merchants, Carpenter and Southerland, were shipped from Saint Louis, to the new address, Dancyville.

The first DANCYVILLE Post Office, called DANCEY'S, with Isaac as the postmaster, was set up in his home in 1833.. He was not, however, the first settler. In the 1820's came the Emry, Johnson, Jones, Koonce, McFarland, Kerr and Neal families and there were probably others. The first mention of the town name, Dancyville, was found in the Court Minutes of 1838, when a committee to view and mark out a road from the Fayette County line, through Dancyville, was appointed. Isaac was included as one of the eight men on this committee.

Isaac died August 1863 and Wife Mary died September 6, 1859. They are both buried in the Dancy-Scott Family Cemetery, Dancyville, Tennessee.

Isaac and Mary's eight children were:

William Lamb Dancy - b. 19 Sep 1824, in Williamson County, TN. - d. 3 Oct 1846- unmarried.

Margaret Dancy - b. 15 Jan 1826, in Williamson County, TN. , married Jesse Martin (brother of
                               Abner H. Martin who married Rebecca Dancy.)

Susan Dancy - b. 30 Apr 1828. Married Warren Wyatt.

Stephen Dancy - b. 2 Oct 1829, in Williamson County,TN. - d. 2 Sep 1831

John Henry Dancy - b. 26 Oct 1831 in Williamson County, TN.  Married (1) Louisa Jane Kerr,
                                  27 Feb 1856. Louisa was born 5 Nov 1834 in TN and was the daughter of
                                  Francis Bradley Kerr and Ann Reid Neal. (Francis B. Kerr was born 27 Feb 1801
                                  in South Carolina and died in 1885 in Fayette County, TN. Ann Reid Neal was
                                  born 1806 in Sumner County, TN. and died  30 Aug 1865. They are both buried
                                  in the Dancyville United Methodist Cemetery.)
                                 J.H. Dancy married (2) Mary Jane Harrison, daughter of Jesse and Elizabeth
                                 Harrison. There were no children from this union.

Mary Dancy - b. 11 Nov 1833, in Dancyville, TN. d. Unknown

Nancy Ann Dancy -b. 5 Jun 1835 - d. 18 July 1891 -   Married Thomas A. Scott 5 July 1861.

Alexander Dancy - b. 11 Mar 1837  in Dancyville,TN.   - Killed at the Battle of  Perryville, KY. - 1862

Known Migration Path of Isaac Dancy

Born, Charles City County, Virginia - 1783
Dinwiddie County, Virginia - at least  1809 - 1811
Williamson County, Tennessee - at least  1815 - 1831
Lived in Haywood County, Tennessee  1831 - 1863



* See the Profile of Polly Dancy

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                Diary of  Louisa Jane Kerr Dancy - 1869
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