towns of DANCY

I have found only 4 states with DANCY used as part of a town name:

Dancy, Alabama in Pickens County

Dancy, Mississippi in Webster County

Dancy, Wisconsin in Marathon County

Dancyville, Tennessee in Haywood County


We are slowly adding information on the 'Dancy Towns'. Emil Wasniewski and  Thomas Morley have provided information for Dancy, Wisconsin,  and Deborah Muierhead for Dancy, Alabama. Dancy, Mississippi remains the only town lacking at least basic information. The towns  have common threads, they are, or were, small communities and at one time had U.S.Post Offices.

I certainly would appreciate any information I could obtain on the 'Dancy Towns', especially origin, how they were named, their place in the community (both past and present), people, etc. If you have any information, or live close to the county libraries, where you could (and are willing) to do research, I would appreciate it. I would also be happy to transcribe copies of documents pertaining to these communities, and pay the costs of copies and the postage, if necessary. I would give you full credit for any data I post on this site.

I do have considerable information on Dancyville, Tennessee, since this was the home of my Dancys, Hughes, and Kerrs surnames. There remains, however, a ton of information I would like to have. Any new information on Dancyville, Tennessee would also be appreciated.

The Haywood County, Tennessee, GenWeb Site is HERE.

The Marathon County, Wisconsin, GenWeb Site is HERE.

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